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We have been a small breeder of bernedoodles for 5 years

"We are located In The beautiful state of Montana. My Family has been breeding dogs my whole life. They have used great determination to make sure that the focus has been on the health and temperament of the dog above and beyond anything else. I also pride myself on the fact that I wouldn’t ever breed a dog without doing the research needed to insure that I would produce the best and the healthiest dog that I could. When I saw The Bernese Mountain Dog for the first time I was hooked. I love the beauty as well as the sweet and kind spirit that they have. I am an outdoors person and wanted a dog that could be with me anywhere that I went, at any temperature. I can say that not only does the Bernese Mountain Dog love the cold, They welcome it! I have to say when i fell in love with the Bernese Mountain dog I didn’t realize that the life span of these dogs was so short, typically 7 years and that was hard to take. For me I have always loved the standard Poodle with the little to no shedding and the intelligence of the standard which is by far one of the attractions that we all have to the Standard Poodle . I of Course, didn’t like the stigma associated with the "froo froo" poodle lol but I do know that the standard is a highly intelligent beautiful creature . When I noticed that breeders that I respected had decided to produce the Bernedoodle I watched and learned what the benefits to the mix of the two would be. I feel that the two breeds mixed together make a beautiful highly intelligent, healthy and fun dog. The true benefit for me and will be for you is that you will have a family member that will love you and be with you for a long time.".........Kayla 

We take the upmost care in making sure all of our program dogs are loving pets before anything else.

A Furever Friend

when we start the process of placing our puppies we not only take in consideration that you as pet owners will be satisfied we also make sure our puppies have the best home possible.s

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions. 

Montanas Mountain Bernedoodles

19 South Woodard Avenue, Absarokee, Montana 59001, United States

(406) 780-1785